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A sense of responsibility
Did you know that 60% of the world's wealth is
in the forests and for every ton of paper
that we recycle, we avoid cutting down 7 trees
that exceed 15 meters in height?
Did you know that industries around the world
released annually into the atmosphere
24 trillion tons of CO2,
of which half is absorbed by flora and the sea?
We take action And you?
Do things right
We meet in a time when we have,
in front of us, the extraordinary opportunity to change course
and do things differently
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At GAPSA we try to minimize the impact of our activity, we avoid environmental degradation, based on compliance with a Corporate Responsibility for Quality and Environment policy that involves all members of the organization, involving them in actions that add life in favor of our planet.​


The lines of action of the policy guide us towards awareness, responsible consumption of resources and energy, correct waste management, innovation, sustainable development and compliance with all current legal and regulatory provisions.


In addition, we have the support of an involved Management, which leads and supervises the evolution of committed behavior at an environmental level that seeks to minimize the impact of our activity and promote continuous improvement.